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My baby Frosty, he’s 8 years old. <3 #U    #poodles

My baby Frosty, he’s 8 years old. <3

#U   #poodles

Beautiful photo taken in Cambridge, England. Made me stop and look at it. Great one to paint. Happy Sabbath. &lt;3▼ Reshared Post From Impressive Photos ▼Spring Evening, Cambridge, England.Follow us for more +Impressive Photos

Beautiful photo taken in Cambridge, England. Made me stop and look at it. Great one to paint. Happy Sabbath. <3

▼ Reshared Post From Impressive Photos ▼

Spring Evening, Cambridge, England.

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Are Blog Comments really required?

Copyblogger is closing down their blog commenting platform and moving it to social media like Google+. Their excuse is spam. I don’t understand this excuse, I have the CommentLuv Premium and I get zero spam.

There’s a debate about this matter. When you say blogging it means engaging with your readers, right? So how do you engage if you move this conversation to Twitter or Google+?

You think you can trust Google+ to own your comments 100%? You don’t think they’re going to do the same thing what Facebook did on their edgerank? Do you really trust the social media all the way? What are your thoughts about this?

Please share your opinion at +Harleena Singh's blog and engage with the rest of us!


Do you want to have a beautiful opt-in join your widget the way +Adrienne Smith have hers? Look at her blog, it’s hot. I’ve learned something new from her and this is awesome!!! <3

Something weird happened while I was shooting this video…Maybe I have watched too many Ghost Hunters story…check it out…

Notice in the beginning of this video, can you see a couple of smokes? I see a couple of smokes going up. Am I the only one seeing that? I remember when my sister Marissa took pictures in my house the last time she visited, she had captured some orbs & we were laughing and making jokes about it.

I have never smoke. My husband never smoke. My daughter would smoke sometimes, but never in the house. She was only allowed to smoke outside. Also this video is taken in my bedroom. Our bedroom is a virgin when it comes to cigarette smokes. NOBODY smokes around me when I shoot the video. And so…

Are these smokes orbs or what? I’m curious. I thought it’s kinda weird.

Also, at the almost end of the video that smoke is on the top right hand corner, it was very fast. It comes out right after I said, “…catch your mistakes.” Anyway, I thought, “What the heck…what is going on here?”

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My new friend +Cynthia L. Dixon created a video and a post together in her blog. This is such a great idea to combine the two. You know some people like me are very busy and cannot read when I’m on the go. The audio video is perfect to hear all of these information.

Excellent video. Loved it. Your tips are very helpful. I didn’t know you could create a video of yourself with inexpensive lighting. Not only for Skype interviews, but this is also good for other stuff like video blogging. Anyway, you have one of the best presentation on how to create a good video of yourself with simple steps. I have subscribe to your channel. 

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Hey guys! My friend +Adrienne Smith have something very COOL for you to share. You know this is perfect for those of you who doesn’t know Photoshop. This application is easier. You can access it on your browser. So stop giving excuses that you cannot have cool images coz all of these applications online are available to you at your finger tips!

On Day #11 +Bonnie Gean gives you a wonderful tip on how to create a great video with inexpensive lighting that could help you look better. 

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+Bonnie Gean invited me on the “Video Challenge Blogging” at Google+ and this is my very 1st video of me talking in front of the camera. I have video with my daughter singing before but never have I’ve done a video of me talking like this. So this is a real challenge. Like Bonnie said, perhaps this may help my business online. So here I am…

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