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Do you post 3x/week or once-a-week?

You know I think there is no such rule on this one. Whatever works for you, on your schedule, do it as you please. Don’t post everyday just for the sake of posting and you lose your quality. It’s better to concentrate on QUALITY vs. QUANTITY. So c’mon over to…

My friend +Adrienne Smith's blog and share your point-of-view with her. What works and what doesn't work. Have fun reading…

This is only a test. ▼ Reshared Post From Petra Honecker ▼Ich wünsche euch heute ( natürlich immer) viel Glück .Good luck friends.

This is only a test. 

▼ Reshared Post From Petra Honecker ▼

Ich wünsche euch heute ( natürlich immer) viel Glück .
Good luck friends.

So very true…
Mystique smiles for me. <3#U #germanshepherd

Mystique smiles for me. <3

#U #germanshepherd

Just me fooling around with iPhone.#U

Just me fooling around with iPhone.


My baby Frosty, he&#8217;s 8 years old. &lt;3 #U    #poodles

My baby Frosty, he’s 8 years old. <3

#U   #poodles

Do you include images in your blog?

Herr is my new friend +Carol Amato showing you how to include professional images in your blog. With a lot of free application out there, there’s no excuse why you can’t include images in your post. Without images, your blog would look boring. It’s like having mac-n-cheese without the cheese. So images are very IMPORTANT.

Wonderful tutorial video from a new friend of mine, +Cynthia L. Dixon. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop, PicMonkey is great for a newbie. Just watch her video and you will learn in just a few minutes! Anyway, have fun drawing.

Today is our last day of Video Blogging Challenge with +Bonnie Gean. She has done a wonderful job giving this courses. Make sure to watch her community to start another blogging challenge in the near future. 

JOIN us in the Video Blogging Challenge:

My friend +Donna Merrill is doing pretty good with her traffic on Facebook fanpage. Do you wanna know her secret? Then learn her strategy.